Monday, April 16, 2007

The Walls Are Closing In!

Seems we have some aggression issues in our home. I think it comes from too much testosterone! I have been trying to get Brandon into a bedtime routine. He is 3, so I have to get creative. We have it down to after we eat dinner, he has a bath, then when the sun goes to bed, then so does he. (It's usually dark by the time he finishes his bath) Lights out, no TV. He did okay today until the no TV part. He thinks if he turns it down reallllly low so I can't hear, then I won't figure out that it is on. Like I have said before, we live in a single wide mobile home. From the couch in the living room, I can see the glow from the TV in their room, even though I can only see the doorway. I guess they figure they can't see mom, so they are safe!

So now to the aggression part. Even though their room has bunk beds, Brandon refuses to sleep alone. It doesn't matter which bed Matthew sleeps on, Brandon will jump in beside him. Well, tonight after a scolding about the TV being left on, I guess they were mad and took it out on each other. I hear the usual yelling and screaming for about 2 minutes, some crying then quiet. Then Brandon sneaks out of his room to tell me he needs his blanket (aka superman cape). I notice his cheek is bright red and I ask him about it. He says Matthew hit him. So I call Matthew to the living room to question him. He doesn't deny it, and up until this point, I think Matthew smacked him. Until Brandon says "he hit me like this" and makes a fist and touches it to his face. Matthew PUNCHED him in the face!!!!

I sit there with a shocked look and decide this is a job better made for mom and dad, so I call Rob in and tell him the entire story. We decide to split them up for the night. Brandon gets the room and Matthew gets the loveseat. Both are asleep in less than 5 minutes. Go figure.

It all comes down to the fact we don't have enough room in this little box we call home! It is a 3 br 2 bath. Matthew and Brandon share, Tommy is in with Rob and me, and the last room is an office/workroom where Rob tears things up and puts them back together. We are looking in the very near future into gutting our bathroom and making it into a room for Tommy. A crib won't fit in my room and he is outgrowing the bassinette. We need a house, but we can't afford to buy one. Anybody want to give us one, haha! Yeah, right. We are buying this trailer, so I am hoping next year to refinance our loan and maybe trade it in on a double wide with a yard. Ugh. I hate trailers, but we do what we have to do. In the mean time, we are just going to have to maximize every bit of space we have.

And maybe put the boys in the yard with some boxing gloves next time!

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Awesome Mom said...

You might try taking the tv out of the room. We only have one in the house and it is in the living room so that I can control what the kids are watching and when.

Diagram of Tommy's Heart Defects

Diagram of Tommy's Heart Defects
Double Inlet Left Ventricle with Transpostion of the Great Arteries