Thursday, April 26, 2007

Murphy Doesn't Live Here, So Why Are We Using His Law?

We have our first tooth!

Tommy finally got in his bottom right tooth, and the left one isn't too far behind. He got his last immunizations today and does not need any more until he is a year old. Whew! My little guy is zooming right past me....He is seven months old today!

My day started off on the wrong side of the bed. First, I vaguely remember Rob asking me for clean clothes, and I think I said something very nasty to him in my half conscience state. Mind you, it was 7 a.m. and I had been sleeping about 3 hours at that time. At nine, the phone rings. It is the missionaries wanting to talk to Matthew. Still in a state of semi-awareness, I ask them to call back later, because he is asleep. I know this because Matthew, for some reason is in my bed, but that doesn't register...Noon, the phone again. This time I wake him up. I sit on the foot of my bed and notice an opened baby wipes box and all of the wipes on the floor.

Oh My Gosh! I am fully awake as I realize Brandon is awake. It hits me. Matthew and Brandon share a room and if Brandon wakes up, he wakes up Matthew as well. Today, Matthew is in my room. (I find out later he had a nightmare)At that moment, Brandon comes racing into my room with open arms and smiling. He hugs me and says he loves me, but I notice his hair is kinda spiky. And hard as a rock. I get up to see what he has left of my house, expecting the worst.

He has found an open bag of candy corn in the refrigerator and ate it as breakfast, then he has unrolled an entire pack of trash bags from the kitchen, through the living room and all the way down the hall to his room. I find a ball at one end. It just so happens to be one of Tommy's sensory balls that Brandon knows are hands off! He then proudly shows me an empty tube of hand lotion which goes to explain the hair. Oh, and my brand new couch is wet. He peed on it. Just lovely. Febreeze isn't working anymore. I am going to have to strip the cushions, scrub them by hand and put them in the sun. We've only had them about two months. I was hoping to have them a while longer before they sent in the destruction team.

Then Rob comes home for lunch. I have been up about 15 minutes. He is home because Tommy has an appointment at 3 for his well baby and shots. He makes himself lunch and shares with the boys. I start getting Tommy ready. I am getting angry because every day, its all up to me to dress and feed all three boys, including Tommy's trach care and giving his meds. I go to the living room to hook Tommy up to his feeding pump, hoping to have him fed before we have to leave. I want to take a shower, and we have about 30 minutes until we should leave. I walk in to find Matthew and Brandon both half dressed and sitting on the couch watching cartoons. Rob is playing a video game.

Now imagine my eyes shrinking down to slits, my face turning tomato red, and steam coming from my ears. I tell him I am taking a shower, he is feeding the baby. (knowing full well he has no idea what to do)Matthew coaches him on how to set up the pump. I hear it beeping from the bathroom and giggle. Rob says something colorful and asks Matthew what to do. The beeping stops. I walk in and find Tommy's pump set to his overnight setting, so I quietly bump him up and finish dressing.

Tommy was already in his carseat, so when I was finished getting ready, I turned off his pump to pack it up so he could finish in the car. I reach to detach the Gtube and I find out that Rob didn't attach it properly. Tommy is sitting in about an ounce and a half of formula. The carseat is soaked! Somehow he managed to not have his clothes soaking wet, so I was able to mop up most of it with a towel, then I folded a receiving blanket and stuck it under him and refastened him. Get this...I get blamed for it! Rob said I pulled it out while it was going. ACK! Somehow I managed not to kill him during the ride and by the time our appointment was over, everyone was calm.

That's what he gets for asking me for clothes while I am sleeping, I guess. I gotta learn to be nicer to him. In the morning I will just mumble the word "dryer".

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Diagram of Tommy's Heart Defects

Diagram of Tommy's Heart Defects
Double Inlet Left Ventricle with Transpostion of the Great Arteries