Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Just glad to see the end of this day....

It's just been one of those days. It started about 30 minutes before Tommy's OT was about to arrive. Rob decided he needed to buy some car so he could have the motor out of it for a car he has had sitting in a barn for 10 years! He wanted to spend $350 that we don't have. I tried to explain it to him that we are broke, only enough money to pay our bills, it didn't matter. He never heard a word. Except "NO", and to that, he punched a wall and left a hole. (didn't take much, it IS a trailer)He leaves and goes back to work and I get back to trying to change Tommy's trach ties. Cue Brandon! I asked him not 5 minutes before if he needed to go potty and I was told no. That little snot stands in the hall outside my door and pees all over the floor! I am glad it was not on the carpet, but furious nonetheless!

That is when Matthew yells that the OT is here. I ask him to let her in and tell her I will right there, and to please bring Brandon a pull up. Knowing someone is in the house, Brandon starts to run into the living room-naked. I am yelling at Matthew to hurry up with the pull up, yelling at Brandon to stop stomping in his puddle and NOT to go to the living room, and this poor OT is waiting on my couch! AAAHHHGGGG!

I finally get Tommy dressed and to the living room. He has a very good session, only interrupted 5 or 6 times by Matthew and Brandon. They know I cannot jump up and spank them in front of her, so they are horrible when someone is here. Apparently Rob feels the same way, because he decides to come back by the house when the OT is here to print checks out on the computer for the purpose of going to a check cashing place to get the money for his car. I give him the evil eye. He smiles and walks out.

After the OT leaves, he calls me and asks if he can borrow $100 from our bank account if he returns the money tomorrow. Tired of fighting, I agree. After work, he picks me up and takes me to the bank. I get his $100, and we meet up with his best friend (and partner in crime) who has come up with the other $250 they need for this car. As we pull up, the guy has just sold it to someone else and they are signing the title over. (it was on the side of the road with a phone number. The guy said to call when they were ready to buy) Rob is really mad, and I think part of it is directed towards me. We watch the guy that has just bought my hubby's dream start up the car.

Now imagine the look on Rob's face and the delight on mine when a HUGE puff of black smoke pours out of the tailpipe. Rob sheepishly says to me, "well, I guess there was a reason I shouldn't have bought that car..." Hmph. Men.

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Diagram of Tommy's Heart Defects

Diagram of Tommy's Heart Defects
Double Inlet Left Ventricle with Transpostion of the Great Arteries