Sunday, October 5, 2008

Oh the Stress!

Rob and I are trying to pack and put things into storage so that we can go to KY. So far, we have $150. That is about half of what we need to make the trip, and not nearly enough to cover our expenses while we are still here. The oxygen sensor went out in the van, so now we are sucking gas. That is a $50 part. I found out I may not be able to leave for KY until the first week of November, so there is another $140 in storage fees I have to come up with as well.

Rob and I have a court date that we have to attend before we can leave for good. We're trying to get it moved so I can just take a bus to KY and start work, then I can send Rob back the money and he can bring a truck, but if we have to stay and we can't get the court date moved, then we're going to be in some huge financial trouble! Pray something works out for us and I can hop on that bus and start my job asap!

Oh, and pray we can find a place that has boxes. It's been a nightmare trying to find a business that doesn't compact their boxes.


Emma and Mommy said...

Are you near a Walmart? They compact theirs but if you ask them they should save them for you. My hubby works at one and they save boxes all the time, he was just telling me last night that an old high school friend came into ask for some.

Oh and small liquor stores, boxes that hold heavy stuff and they usually are to small to have compactors, and they have lots of boxes

Roberta said...

Join a freecycle in your is an online group through yahoo. People are always offering up moving boxes. It may also help you find things you need once you move.....find a new freecycle :o)

Praying all goes well,

gigi said...


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Diagram of Tommy's Heart Defects

Diagram of Tommy's Heart Defects
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