Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I'm such a bad, bad blogger. No updates in over a week. I know I said I would be cutting back, but darnitall, I can find something to talk about, right?

 Let's talk a little green today.

My kids are so excited for tomorrow. Nothing special going on, except that it's Saint Patrick's Day. We're not Catholic so they have no idea what a saint is, nor do they really care who Saint Patrick was. What they care about is the green. Green shirts for school tomorrow, something dyed green for dinner tomorrow night, and Leprechauns darting behind the house to hide the gold. And it's all my fault.

It started years ago when my oldest was about 4 years old. He would wake up to a green breakfast, like in "Green Eggs and Ham". We'd hunt Leprechauns if there wasn't snow on the ground. (We lived in Maine). Of course this had his dad rolling his big Scottish eyes at me. Hehe. I'm Irish. What can I say? (Okay, I'm just a little Irish, but Irish is Irish on Saint Patrick's Day)

Growing up, I never left the house without wearing green on March 17th. Ever! My mom took great care to make sure I wasn't pinched at school. This year is no different. I've already painted my nails shamrock green. I have my green glitter covered hat from last year. Debated on wearing it or not. Matthew wants to wear it to school, but I'm afraid it would get destroyed. He will just have to be satisfied with wearing a green shirt.

I have to work, so that cuts into our Leprechaun hunting time. Usually it's done in the afternoon (when its warm) and we search patches of clovers for 4 leaf clovers and clues to where the Leprechauns are hiding. Matthew swore he saw one this morning lurking around. Instead, we will look for them while waiting for the bus. I can't wait until they get up. I have already dyed the milk green.

To top it all off, I have the ULTIMATE Irish accessory. I married an Irishman! He can trace his lineage back to an Irish king. There's no living with him around this time of year, as he insists we all refer to him as "Prince Robert". I'm kidding. He doesn't insist, but he does get a kick out of it.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!!

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Susan said...

Rene that's a great idea, hunting for leprechauns. You're such a great mom. Enjoy your green!

Diagram of Tommy's Heart Defects

Diagram of Tommy's Heart Defects
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