Friday, January 4, 2008

Dozing off During Homeschooling

Boy, getting back into the swing of things around here is proving to be a challenge! Since the first of November, things have been askew. Tommy has had 3 hospitalizations and every time, the boys have to stay with a sitter so Rob can work and I can stay with Tommy in the hospital. Homeschooling has been hit and miss. Now that the holidays are over, I've been easing Matthew back into his lessons. Yesterday and today, I've had him doing one set of multiplication tables and working on a story. He got these great books for Christmas that have lines at the bottom and space for a picture at the top. The story is coming along so far.

The biggest obstacle is that I am flat out exhausted! I'm up and down with Tommy all night. Once I've spent the time getting Tommy ready for bed each night, from beginning to end, it's usually an hour. That means I'm done around 11:30-12:00. Then I have to contend with Matthew and Brandon fighting and not wanting to go to sleep. I can't go to sleep before them because they get up and get into everything. That means I don't hear quiet until about 2:00! I usually unwind and fall asleep between 3and 4, only to have Tommy wake up around 6 for suctioning, and then Rob getting ready for work at 7. Then I'm up again at 10 to start all over again.

I'm hoping that I can catch a catnap while Matthew writes his story. Tommy is almost asleep and Brandon is watching Shrek the Third in his room. Hopefully the phone doesn't ring like it always does when I doze off! (or my instant messenger ding, or UPS bringing me a package) I have a sneaking suspicion that Matthew will run off to watch Shrek as soon as he hears me start to snore. That means more work for both of us. I can't help it. I even had a Coke and I can't keep my eyes open. Time for that nap!

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Diagram of Tommy's Heart Defects

Diagram of Tommy's Heart Defects
Double Inlet Left Ventricle with Transpostion of the Great Arteries